Website Optimization Services

Cartmetrix provides several levels of website optimization services. All services include report, recommendations and keywords in PDF format as well as email support for questions concerning the reports and recommendations.

Site Evaluation
We review your site for overall quality of design and SEO and provide written constructive critique along with 3-5 specific ideas for improvement.

Keyword Report
We review your site content and keyword rankings at Google, Bing and Yahoo and provide keyword reports with 150-250 keyword phrases used in your site content. We will identify 3-5 keyword niches related to your content where you may find less competition and get better results in your PPC campaigns and SEO efforts.

There are 100’s of phrases searchers may use to find the same content, why target the same ones everyone else is? Find your niche.

Competition Report
We find competitors in your market or niche and provide keywords reports on them showing what they are ranking for, many of the PPC keywords they are bidding on and even how much these keywords cost.

We will provide further recommendations on niches where you may more easily compete with your competitors and beat them.

Feel free to supply us with a list of some competitors to track as well.