Coming up with eye-catching PPC headlines can make or break an Adwords PPC campaign. If your headline doesn’t pull the reader in to click your PPC text ad, you might as well save your money and enjoy the silence of an empty website. That is why experienced PPC marketers get paid the big bucks to craft enticing ad copy consisting of only a few dozen words.

What if you don’t currently have that kind of experience to get inside your customer’s head to know what will motivate them to click on your advertisement? Harness the collective experience of the public on Twitter to help you decide what headlines will work best for you. The micro-blogging format of Twitter is similar to PPC headlines in that you have a very limited amount of space to get your point across. No other medium requires the economy of brevity that Twitter does except PPC.

So how can you use Twitter to conduct an A/B test of two different headlines?

  1. Select fresh content. The process is to tweet links to the same content using two different headlines. Using existing content you have already tweeted may irritate some of your followers by the time they get the same content the fourth or fifth time.
  2. Craft two distinct headlines. You can test two completely different headlines of varying lengths or change only one or two words if you have a killer headline already in mind.
  3. Create two different short URLs to the same content from step 1 using your favorite URL shortener that includes analytics. If your shortener doesn’t provide analytics, use the Google URL Builder and Google Analytics to track the clicks each headline receives.
  4. Tweet headline A using one of the short URLs created and wait 12-24 hours.
  5. Tweet headline B using the other short URL. I prefer to tweet both headlines in the morning, one day apart. If you tweet them close in time together, you really will start to lose followers for spamming your list, so be aware.
  6. Watch your analytics for the next few days until a winner can be declared from which gets the most clicks. Depending on the number of followers and the amount of activity and interest you command it may take several days to a week to receive enough clicks to either one to reach statistical significance.

While this method isn’t a perfect solution for split testing headlines, it is a quick hack to get valuable feedback from hundreds of real people.

The cost? Fifteen minutes of your time.

The benefit? Real savings of your PPC budget.

If your Twitter followers are targeted to similar keywords as your PPC campaigns you should get more accurate results.

Social networking is here to stay. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have touched a cord with the public worldwide. Millions flock to their accounts daily just to stay connected to the people and businesses that matter to them. While it may not seem relevant on the surface, successful business owners are finding ways to generate revenue and enhance customer service all through the unique advantages of starting a social network marketing campaign.

Convenient for Customer

First and probably most important, social networking is convenient for customers. A properly managed account will give business owners instant access to customer feedback. This can prove invaluable quickly. If your customers see that you are putting effort into social media, they may respond in many ways. They may let you know what you are doing well and what you should improve on. If you engage them, they may share stories of how your product or service has made a difference in their lives. This is an incredible tool for further marketing efforts because any helpful feedback you receive can be used to attract more clients.

Convenient for Business

Social marketing is more convenient to you the business owner as well. Connecting with your customers on Facebook or Twitter is often a faster and more effective way to communicate with them. Most users check their social accounts and friends/contacts nearly as often as they do their email. If there are issues that arise with a product, your main website or even the news media, you can keep customers in the know just by making a simple page update. The communication advantages alone can show immediate ROI for many businesses resistant to technological changes. Twitter can be a great way to connect with your customers easily and quickly day or night.

Generate Traffic and Revenue

Social networking sites also give you a way to generate traffic and revenue by offering special incentives to those who follow you. Discounts, promotions and contests are popular among businesses that are using social media as an effective marketing tool. Not only does this get more customers to your store or website, but it also allows your customers to see the value in the social networking relationship. Attracting users to your Facebook page and Twitter feed is the first hurdle. Keeping them as friends or fans is the next. Give them a reason to come back often with quality content.

Positive Intent

Using social media often and appropriately shows your customers your positive intent about your business. Embracing modern technology is a way of showing progress and forward thinking within the hierarchy of your company. When customers see that you have an eye on the future, they will help you spread the word.


Finally, social media is becoming a necessary part of the overall branding initiative that you should have as a business. Branding is important to longevity. The more ways that you can show your customer base that you are out there, the better the odds will be that your business will connect with them and convert sales. That alone makes social media worth the effort.

From social media monitoring to find out what others are saying about your products to posting your latest news on Facebook there are many new ways to meet and interact with customers and potential customers online. Finding the niches that will help your business the most is the key to maximizing your resources when investing time and money in social network marketing.

What are some of the ways you use social network marketing to attract customers and generate buzz around your business? Use the comments below.