Support After the Sale

As a store owner, you’ve done your job so far. You have found a potential customer. Given him your best sales pitch. Walked him through a purchase and most of all, separated him from his money. What have you done form him after the sale?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Was I kept up-to-date with confirmations of order processing and shipping with tracking?

    Your customer trusted you with their money, probably sight-unseen. Don’t make them wonder what you did with it. Confirmation of order receipt should be immediately sent via email. Outline fulfillment process so your customers know what to expect. Do you ship every day? What are your cutoff times? As long as you set their expectations and meet or exceed them, you will have a happy customer.

  • What am I doing for my customers after the sale?

    Do you provide shipping confirmation as soon as possible? Only on request? Or never? Do you notify when similar items go on sale? Do you send reminder emails on reorder-able/time sensitive merchandise (pet food, car service, office supplies)?

    Do you keep in touch with your customers via email newsletter, twitter, blog?

  • Would I buy from me again?

    Be honest and don’t cut yourself any breaks here because it’s only hurting your bottom line. If there is anything someone can pick at, you can bet that you aren’t the only one who noticed it.

  • What do we do to market to our current and existing customers?

    Do you toss in coupons or a specials flyers or product care instructions with your orders? Printed in bulk these are nearly free marketing opportunities missed. Even better, find a partner with complementary products and cross promote each other’s items.