Moving Forward

So what can you do now to jumpstart your campaigns?

  • Have a trusted third party purchase and provide an in-depth review to you privately.
  • Make it easy for you customers to communicate with you. Some will take the time to ask questions for specific items. Listen to them. Provide if profitable.
  • Use analytics to mine search engine referrer logs and local search logs. This will allow you to see which keywords people are using to find your site and what they look for once they are there. This is invaluable for finding new profitable products lines.
  • Hire your customers. Send a post order, followup email offering a coupon for comments.
  • Hire a consultant for an audit. Fresh eyes never hurt. If they belong to a trusted professional 100x better. How much is it worth to your business to have someone with hard facts helping you steer your path through pricing and product selection? How much is a whole new, under-served product line worth a year to your business? What if they can also prove which ones have the current traffic to support them from day one?