Making a Purchase Decision

Now that they seen your pitch, what are your potential customers going to do? Does your site fill your customer’s need?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are the final costs with shipping and taxes clearly defined?

    Be fair to your customers. Don’t make them sign up before you give them the option of a shipping and taxes total. Most localities only need a zip code (or equivalent) to estimate shipping costs and taxes. It’s too easy not to provide and you can be sure you are losing some sales over it.

  • Do I feel safe handing over my payment details to this site?

    If you can’t get a customer over this hump, nothing else matters. Closing the sale and getting the money don’t always go hand in hand. If you win them on features but lose them because they don’t feel comfortable giving you payment, you still don’t get a sale.

  • Were all of the basic policies easily available to me during the checkout process?

    You may know your FAQ has a link to your return policy because you wrote it, but if there isn’t a prominently linked button or some mention of it directly to the customer during checkout you have to lose points. If he has to go looking for it some customers are going to lose buying momentum and leave. Money dripping out of your sales funnel.