Clickthrough / Evaluate Offer

We took a look at the most important stage of our conversion funnel, the initial contact with the customer and hopefully the pitch. You only have once to make a first impression, what impression is your site giving about you?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the price OK or do I need to shop a few sites to be sure?

    Is it in the ballpark of everyone else or do I need to check to make sure? Remember, each answer will likely mean a different conversion rate.

  • Can I tell if it is in stock?

    Mr. Know-What-I-Want is not going to wait for you to get back to him. Some might make a phone call, more will go back and look for somebody else so they can be done today.

  • How much would it be shipped to me?

    Please don’t make me create an account to find this out. You are losing some customers over this.

  • How many pages deep from the landing page was any cart/buy now action available?

    Even if it takes more than one page to give your full sales speech, not everyone is a first time vistor. This guy may be coming back for the third time after much thought to finally buy. Nobody should have to hunt around to find a button to give you his money.