Buyer Personalities

Not every buyer coming to your site is motivated by the same reason to visit. Being able to identify each type of visitor and engage them in a customized sales funnel will help convert customers in every step of the purchase process.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Who are my customers?

    Be realistic about who actually seeks out your product and purchases it. Trying to sell to someone who doesn’t need or want your product is a waste of resources.

  • Which types of customers do I make the most money from?

    Now that you have identified customer groups, evaluate each in respect to past sales to determine which customers are worth the most time and money to convert.

  • How can I sell more specifically to these types of customers?

    Depending on the sales channel you have many options as to targeting your marketing more efficiently.

    PPC – Try new campaigns based on existing one but with added negative words. Does your product only appeal to teenage girls? Use negatives such as woman, women, lady, infant and child. Use demographic targeting if your PPC platform supports it.

    Content based PPC – Choose placements that only target your identified customers.

    Email – Segment your lists and tailor your messages to target each segment; teenagers, women, men, singles, married, etc.