Buy From Yourself

The simplest and most effective way to gauge how well your site integrates with a customer’s needs is to manually test it yourself. Buy something from your own sites!

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do I currently market my site and my products?

    This can be anything from word-of-mouth to TV/radio spots and SEO expense to PPC ad spend. Whatever you do to market your site and/or products should be listed here.

    Once you have everything listed, think about making two new lists from this list with the only difference being the ordering of the items. For the first list, order the items in descending order of how much revenue each item produces. For the second list, order the items in descending order of how much time/money you spend on each method of producing revenue.

    If you can keep these two lists in perspective you can easily see where spending the most time/money will likely have the most benefit. Maybe you can identify areas where a lot of resources are spent for only a small ROI. Would those resources be better utilized if given to one of the items at the tops of the lists?

    Every few months, re-evaluate and re-order your lists. Then, focus on the items at the tops of each list and begin the process again.

  • Who do each of these methods target specifically?

    Do they target specific age groups, location, gender, socio-economic labels? Advertising in the local weekly will likely attract a different type of responder than say an upscale magazine like The New Yorker. It all depends on your target market. Are you renting condos in New York or looking for your lost dog?

    Look at each of your marketing avenues and honestly decide if the target market matches with someone needing your product. Is it a great match or just a good one? Any that are way off target, consider suspending for a month to see the result.