Get a Buyer’s Perspective of Your Website

When is the last time you’ve taken a good look at the public side of your site objectively? We may spend all day sometimes filing orders and fielding support calls but rarely spend much time on the public side everyone else sees.

In order to get a true buyer’s perspective of your site and your sales process, you’re going to have to buy something from yourself. Pull out that platinum card, hop over to your favorite search engine and pretend you are looking for whatever it is you sell. Before you do, enroll in our short email course to get started thinking how your customers do.

What will you learn?

  1. How to effectively user test your website.
  2. What types of buyers purchase from you.
  3. The core motivations of each type of ecommerce buyer and how to market to them.
  4. What drives customers to buy now.
  5. Things to consider at every stage of the checkout process that can improve your ROI.
  6. How to insure your customers have a positive buying experience so they return over and over.
  7. But most importantly, you’ll see your website with fresh, open and honest eyes… just like your customers.

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QA and Discussion

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