Email Marketing

A recent comScore survey on trends in email marketing concluded that webmail usage is on the decline (down 6%) while using mobile devices to read email is up 36%. What does this mean for email marketing?

As the number of smartphones increases, more and more people will be reading their emails on handheld devices while out and about. Many consumers use their mobiles for a quick check of their inbox to see if anything is new or requires immediate attention. Mobile users are more likely to be in the middle of something else like commuting or shopping at the grocery store. If your message doesn’t immediately get it’s point across and speak to the user it’s likely to get trashed on the handheld device and never opened on a full-sized email client.

These tips can help your marketing emails have a better chance of being read and their links getting clicks.

  • Short form email should get better response in most cases as many may not take the extra time to scan a longer message as they would at their laptop or desktop.
  • Wordwrap lines at 30-40 characters instead of allowing lines to wrap naturally. This makes the content feel lighter and easier to read.
  • Short paragraphs of 1-3 sentences adds to the light feeling of the content. This may not make your grammar teacher happy but the object of effective email marketing is to have your email read, understood and acted upon.
  • Instead of relying on all paragraphical text, utilize bullet points and short lists throughout so the important points may be quickly scanned.
  • Subject lines should be short and concise. Scanning your inbox on a tiny smartphone screen isn’t the same as on your full email client and 23″ monitor. Make it easier for your readers to get an accurate picture of what your content will be and you’ll keep more messages out of the mobile trash bin.