Quality of App Store Apps Declining?

by damonp

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Is it just me or is the quality of the apps in the iPhone App Store declining?

Traditionally Mac applications were developed by Mac people for Mac people (even if the premise was juevenile like fart apps). The developer and the user had the same functional and aesthetic expectations. These benchmarks were based on the shared experience with the operating system and hardware over years of usage. Mac users expected a simplicity in design and function. Since the developer’s were largely end-users as well, everything fit together well. Miles better than any competing product.

It just worked. Well. Without a manual.

Now, so many new developers from other platforms are jumping in to create their own iPhone or Mac applications. How do we keep the quality, functionality and aesthetics we have come to expect as “Mac Nerds”?

Reading through the reviews of some recent apps (both iPhone and Mac App Store), I don’t seem to be the only one to be having problems with horrible interfaces, confusing functionality and poor user experience. It’s almost like I’m reliving nightmares from bad Windows shareware back in the 90’s when I still spoke Microsoft.

Initially there was much complaining about the apps making it in the App Store and about some famous ones that didn’t. This was to be expected for any new project of such worldwide fanfare. Jump ahead eighteen months though, and we still see the same complaints about ripoffs and copyright infringement.

I am all for the continued growth of a great platform, but I’m wondering how much we have to sacrifice for world domination.

Do Apple’s long standing, core customers really want to dominate the world as the largest monolithic company?

With so much income being generated from these ‘side’ businesses which have been driving Apple’s growth in profitability and marketshare, do “Mac Nerds” fit in anymore?

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