PPC vs SEO vs Social Network Marketing

by damonp

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From PerryMarrshall.com this week:
Why buy clicks when you can get ‘em for free?

If your business isn’t a machine that you can invest in and generate more income out than what you put in, then you don’t have a business. You exist off of the generosity of others. Generosity that Google, Bing or Yahoo continue to send you lots of free traffic. Generosity from Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn that they continue to allow you to use their platforms for free marketing.

The only marketing avenues that a business owner can control are: PPC, email marketing to in house lists and traditional direct mail. Isn’t it interesting that these are the ones that require investment in time and resources? PPC requires management and the cost of the clicks. Email and direct mail both have similar costs in every mailer sent out as well as building and managing a list.

These latter three marketing machines may require investment to build and maintain, but they can’t be taken away from you based on someone else’s decision.

If properly maintained hey may also be ramped up to produce more income when needed. Try bringing more natural search visitors to your site during the holidays. You don’t have that kind of control over SEO.

I’ll take the additional income from the generosity of others, and even invest some money in optimizing and further pursuing those marketing channels.

But I think I’ll depend on the steady income from the marketing channels that I have complete control of.

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