Buyer Personalities and Optimizing Your PPC Funnel

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Not every visitor to your site is motivated by the same reason for their visit. Being able to identify each type of visitor to your site and engaging them in an offer targeted specifically to their needs will help increase your conversion rates across the board.  Knowing which personalities to target and which to try to avoid can give you the advantage to turn a profitable campaign into a million dollar auto-pilot salesman.

Mr. Know-What-I-Want

A man on a mission

He is the easiest to sell to. He knows what he wants and he’s prepared to purchase it today. He usually comes in with credit card in hand and doesn’t care what it costs if he can be finished shopping in the next three minutes.

He’s the in and out of the mall in fifteen minutes guy.

Give this guy what he wants on the first click or he’s gone. You likely will have only one chance to hook this guy, but once you do, he likely will come back and buy again as long as you provide a positive experience and fill a need.

Mr. Know-What-I-Want is going to take one look at your site and your product offer and make a quick judgment whether to waste his very valuable time.  Being a man, he is more visual, he may scan down the page and hit the bullet points or visuals and price first before investing more time. If you can keep him impressed and on the hook he will evaluate your offer for his immediate need and either purchase or move on. He will not waste your time with questions or clarifications, much less his.

Mrs. Find-the-Best-Deal

Weekend sale… Where?

Very similar to Mr. Know-What-I-Want, but instead of expediency, she will shop around for two weeks to save $10. Not only does she know what she wants, she knows what price is the best deal around at any given moment. She will wait the best sale or coupon and get the best deal she can. She will most likely be detail oriented, capable of comparing the features and fine print against your competitors like a pro.

She quite possibly, is married to Mr. Know-What-I-Want. Similar, but with different motives that drive most decisions. She can be sold to if your business model can handle low margin, high volume sales.  If you can’t compete with Walmart on price, she may be a hard sell unless your goods are somewhat unique or you have a unique value added service or offer to compete.

She shops for fun when she’s out with the gals, but can also be seen running through the parking lot trailing children.

Ms. Lookie-Lou

I have to get one too!

She’s bored at work or home or school, checking Facebook, browsing her friends. Something catches her eye and she clicks a PPC ad she thinks is about clothes and finds herself looking at your shiny new

She regularly meets her friends at the mall. Shopping is social. Buying may be fickle. May not have a lot of purchasing power.

Mr. Not-So-Sure

What did she say?

He doesn’t know quite what he wants yet or how to go about finding it. Most likely he is looking for something he is not familiar with or has the vocabulary to search for it effieciently. Maybe he is looking for a present his wife has hinted at a dozen times. He know’s she will kill him if he doesn’t get it for her birthday but he doesn’t even know which stores to look in.

Unless you can find a predictable pattern to fish for these guys its probably going to be pretty expensive to setup a winning PPC. Misspellings, high-converting niches might work. They are impulsive, but finding the right keywords in such a random set can be next to impossible.

So Who Are These People?

These personas are over-simplistic and somewhat prejudiced. They were intentionally so for ease of illustration of some distinctly different types. In reality most shoppers will be an percentage of two or more of these types. There are certainly others, as well.

Every one is different every day and capable of doing things outside of their persona.  Mrs. Find-the-best-deal may stop at the corner store to pay $1.00 extra for milk nine times out of ten in a pinch.  And yes, many generalized marketing plans work well… but they will never convert as well as an segmented marketing plan optimized for buyer personality and channel.

What do you think the corner store’s marketing plan is?  They know they can charge slightly more for the convenience of locality.  They also know they can’t compete with Costco on price, they don’t have the distribution chain.  So they’re marketing plan is convenience and value-added services to bring in customers who purchase other things too.  Money orders, fishing licenses, bill pay… these are all added convenient services as part of the marketing plan of most modern day convenience stores all geared to get you in the doors to buy drink, a bag of chips and a six-pack.

Gone are the days in ecommerce when you can let a customer walk through your virtual doors buy one thing and leave money on the table. Most business plans can’t compete on that paradigm anymore.  Sure, if you are the only guy making

Most likely now, you’ve spent a decent amount of money getting this customer to your site, either through PPC or SEO maintenance costs and site overhead. The more value you can earn from each sale, the better use of that expense each sale is.

Ecommerce v3 is about making as much money from each customer as they are willing to spend today, next month and next year.  Not in a smarmy, used-car salesmen kind of way, but in a mutually-beneficial transaction.

If you sell toys, don’t let a customer checkout without the opportunity to add your convenient battery pack.  For appliances and electronics, an ongoing support plan is an easy add-on. Whatever your business there should be  complementary products or services that you can supply as a convenience to some customers.

Start out with these four types until you start to see other types emerge over the weeks ahead. Think about how and why each of these persons is coming to visit you. What is the conversation in their head? How can we align our message to directly answer the questions in their conversation? The better we can pick up the purchasing conversation going on in their head and provide the answer, the more we can sell to them.

After some time you will come to see which has the most profit potential so that selling to them is now your primary concern. Don’t waste your time trying to sell to low potential customers, especially in the beginning. Stick to the high percentage customer types because they should be the easiest for you to make profitable in the least amount of time. This will provide on the job training specifically targeted to your market and your customers.

Don’t waste your time trying to sell the most expensive pet meds in town if 40% of your traffic is from Mrs. Find-the-Best-Deal. Change your traffic or change your offer… or better yet, get to know your customer and sell them what they do need.

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