How to Find, Make, and Use Long Tail Keywords to Boost Your Web Presence

by Ty Jordan

in Marketing

Online business has taken the world by storm in recent years and no one is surprised. The ease of use, high level of privacy, and relative security of the internet make it a good choice for both businesses and consumers. But how do customers get from their computer screen to your checkout?

The fact is that internet users almost always begin at a search engine to find what they are looking for. In order for you to show up in those search results and have a chance at being seen, you need to do one of two things: pony up the cash to pay for space on the best keywords or use better, cheaper, and longer keyword strings known as long tail keywords.

What exactly are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are simply phrases which one might search for rather than a single word or title. For instance, while “Wrestling” will get searched for 5 million times a month as part of a search (according to Google), “pro wrestling in Wisconsin” will get searched fewer than 100 times monthly. The latter is an example what most long tail keywords should resemble. All excellent long tail keywords incorporate 3 important aspects:

  1. They are uncommon. If your long tail keywords are getting searched thousands of times a day it is likely that niche requires even more specific keywords. Also consider the cost involved. If there is a lot of competition for that particular phrase, it is going to cost you more, regardless of how many words it is.
  2. They contain 3 words or more. Even two words are often not enough to separate you from the group and bring the cost down on your keywords in almost all cases. Being specific is important to attracting the right audience with your long tail keywords.
  3. They get searched daily. If your long tail keywords aren’t getting searched more than 30 times a month they probably aren’t worth your time. Doing some more long tail keyword research or shortening your long tail keywords can solve this problem.

How do I find Long Tail Keywords?

If you want to find long tail keywords you need to source search results from search engines. Using these numbers you will be able to find 3 to 5 word phrases that can help sell your business online for much less than paying dollars every time someone clicks. In order to find long tail keywords that consumers are actually searching for, however, may take some long tail keyword research. This may mean hiring a professional to find long tail keywords for you. Of course, you can always use Google AdWords to find long tail keywords.

Some online tools

  • Long Tail Keyword Research with AdWords: Just log into your AdWords Account using the stand alone Program and use the [keyword opportunity] button in the keywords tab of any campaign. Using the search engine you can source results for all short and long tail keywords.
  • Long Tail Keyword Tool

Long Tail Keyword Research Tips

  • Long Tail Keywords Change: While you may find long tail keywords popular one month, the next they can change. If your long tail keywords typically get searched 50 times a month, even a 20 hit drop is 40% of your market. Ongoing long tail keyword research is a good idea if you want to gain a competitive edge.
  • Use Proper Names: People, places, dates, and titles all help to create elaborate long tail keywords that will get searched often and cost next to nothing. The unfortunate drawback of using this type of long tail keywords is that they tend to go out of style more quickly than other niche words.
  • Don’t Start Small: Start your long tail keyword research with phrases that are at least 3 words and continue to look for 4 and 5 word long tail keywords that fulfill the qualities you want in a good phrase. In order to find long tail keywords like “pro wrestling in Wisconsin” search for phrases like “pro wrestling in” or “wrestling in Wisconsin”. Avoid long tail keyword research around single words as they tend to be at the top of the keyword food change.

Does Long Tail Keyword Research Work?

In a word, YES. Almost every single successful search (one that ends in a consumer visit) comes from the first page that is searched. If you build your internet persona around specific targets, the results will be exceptional. Not only will long tail keywords bring consumers closer than ever, they will also keep costs down while allowing you to market in a variety of tiny niches relevant to your business.

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