January 2011

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How often do you check your website’s analytics to see tons of traffic going to a page you consider of little value or importance to your overall message or product line?

A headline that draws a lot of traffic but doesn’t convert well, shouldn’t be discounted fully without further examination.  From the amount of traffic, you have found an obvious hook to pull people to your site.  That is half of the battle in any online sales funnel.  The problem now is converting more of those users.  If the headline is appropriately targeted, the traffic should be similar to your target demographic.  In many cases, it may be a product already in your catalog or closely related.  Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What were those users really looking for?
  • Can we sell it to them profitably with PPC?

Answer both of those and you’ve just created another profitable sales channel!

via AdWords Headline Writing Basics


The guys over at BoostCTR have posted an article I wrote about text advertising headlines.

We see thousands of advertising headlines every day; billboards, signage, television, newspapers, Google and almost every website we visit, all inundate us with countless messages every day and with every page. Early on we learn to tune out the things that we don’t think is applicable to us or feel the need to deal with at the moment.  We learn to ignore mom while playing a video game or talking on the phone. We automatically start talking or leave the room when a commercial comes on television.  Online, we learn to navigate Google and our favorite sites without noticing anything that doesn’t immediately speak to us in that moment.

via AdWords Headline Writing Basics.

The two major points I cover about headlines writing are:

  • Be Clear and Concise
  • Know your Audience

Anyone have other ideas or questions post in the comments below.